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Erasmus Profile Erasmus:

How do you succeed in life? How do you look after your health? How do you live longer? How can you learn what you need to know to achieve these things? And there are occasional events in your life needing special skills.

You have come to the right place. Our team has been around. And been up more than a few dry creek beds as well.

We know what works in the world of hard experience.

Facing Life
Kinkajou Kinkajou : If you don't have a big brother who can tell you all about the ins and outs of difficult world, if you don't have a big sister who knows how to protect you from the hardships of life, if you don't have a wise mentor like Yoda the Jedi, maybe you have indeed come to the right place after all. Not the bosses, not the state, let Erasmus and Kinkajou guide your fate.

Goo the Numbat Goo : In appreciating the consequences of our actions, we can advise the best path in life or health.




Site Contents:

Index Index Page:
Advice and ideas on living life. We talk about what is healthy in nutrition, common medical problems including dyslexia, interests such as dogs and Psi, life activities such as careers and partners, making decisions and dealing with problems in life.



Nutrition Nutrition
We talk about the critical factors of healthy nutrition – weight control, supplements, wheat free diets a.k.a. gluten-free diets and controlling cholesterol through diet.

Basic Dietary Hints Diet Hints: Basic
We talk about weight control through our formula of meal plus fibre plus water plus packers. Fibre is best taken as a supplement.

Wheat Allergy Wheat Allergy
Up to 1/3 of the population is gluten sensitive and will suffer nutritional issues to a variable extent as result due to deficiencies of B12 folate zinc iron and protein impacting on immune function and hence - Paill progress.

Dietary Supplements Supplements
We give you a process for assessing whether the dietary supplements you choose to improve your health will actually improve your health.

Trail Of Wheat Free Food Trial of Wheat Free Diet
Details of a gluten reduced or wheat reduced diet to improve health, Paill Spectrum, immune function, general health and many multiple medical problems .

Healthy Eating Healthy Eating: Heart Assoc, Advice
We talk about our simple dietary scheme namely our formula of meal plus fibre plus water plus packers. System issues such as fat selection and national heart foundation recommendations for dietary food intake discussed.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet Cholesterol Lowering Diets
A Range of advice about food suitable for a cholesterol-lowering diet and to improve health.


Medical Medical
This page links to information about dental care, headaches, reflux, sexual health and sexual activities, medical triage, constipation, Paill spectrum dyslexia and the electronic medical record.

Dental Care Dental Care
Focuses on gingivitis and periodontal disease – the main reasons why people lose their teeth over time and age. We give you advice on keeping your teeth to your old age.

Headaches Headaches
If you suffer from headaches, it is important to try to work out the reasons for underlying factors that generate your headache. If you cannot work out what is happening, doctors often don’t tend to help you. Commonly headaches are due to sinus problems or neck problems.

Reflux GORD Reflux GORD
Talks about the different sorts of reflux and the different types of treatment required to treat them.

Sexual Health Sexual Health
How to stay safe from STI’s and still enjoy your sex life.

Sexual Activity and Health Sexual Activity and Health
Humans are sexual animals, with sexuality forming the basis of long ongoing relationships and family life. We talk about factors that help or damage your sex life.

Resuscitation and CPR Resuscitation and CPR
Knowing how to save a life is taught to all first aiders and medical people. We give you some stories and some advice.

Medical Triage Medical Triage
Anybody may find themselves in a crisis situation. We give you advice for coping with medical problems – which may also safeguard your own life long-term.

Paill and Dyslexia Paill and Dyslexia
Talks about the genesis and development of dyslexia and its treatment. Paill Spectrum is the predominant cause of dyslexia and many psychiatric and developmental issues. It is very amenable to medical and nutritional treatment.

Community Medical Records Community Medical Records
Medical records – helpful or harmful? We talk about the interests of the people party to your medical record. Too many people feel they have the right of access to your personal information. Plan accordingly.

Constipation Constipation
Talks about basic treatment of constipation and the prevention of constipation related medical conditions. Preventative therapy with Psyllium husk not wheat-based fibre is critical.



Interests Interests
Gives advice on issues such as having a dog, talks about aquaria as an analogue for spaceship technologies, the importance of porn in life, Psi senses, social electronic platforms such as Facebook, getting ready to travel, doing exercise – safely and the Dark Web.

Dogs as Pets Dogs As Pets
You wouldn’t choose your life partner based on how they look. Why choose a dog for the same reasons. We talk about factors to consider in choosing a dog as your life partner.

Fish as Pets Fish as Pets
Keeping an aquarium successfully has parallels to biosphere maintenance on a spaceship. We talk about the technical complexity of the systems of life support.

Porn Role in Life Porn Role in Life
Pornography is much abused and disrespected. Many beautiful people won’t admit it – but they make love in the dark. An honest and practical consideration of the benefits and dangers of pornography are discussed.

Sigma Psi and You Sigma Psi and You
This page talks about Astral Travelling technology and the types of psychic abilities. We propose that many people have psychic abilities to some extent but you need to learn to use your skills to maximise their usefulness to you.

Social Electronics Social Electronics
Discusses social media platforms such as Facebook, Mobile Phones, the Internet and Messaging utilities and their role in our lives. We look at the role of information technology and its impact on our behaviour and consider technological gaps.

Travel Preparation Travel Preparation
Having a checklist for travel can make packing easy and reduce the risk of “forgetting” something. We give you some lists and ideas.

Exercise Exercise
We talk about exercise through life and into age. How can you avoid the risks and especially minimise the injuries you suffer as you age with exercise.

The Dark Web The Dark Web
The Dark Web and how to access and use it, from a practical perspective.


Life and Success Life and Success
We talk about choosing a career, a partner, clothing, your path in life through the rat race, finances, real estate buying and selling, getting a tax refund, personality and its role in the relationships to people around you and how to make Good Decisions.

Choosing a Career Choosing a Career
If you want to earn a high salary in life, aim for a career where people can afford to pay you. We talk about career choices.

Choosing Clothing Choosing Clothing
People judge you by who you represent yourself to be. Clothing is a major part of this. We talk about clothing selection and having a checklist to assess the clothing you are considering buying.

Partners and Marriage Partners and Marriage
Always ask three questions before you choose a partner: Are They  nice to you? Are they an asset to you? Do you like the life they give you? With these three questions you can make sensible choices. You can live with many people but your life will be very different depending on who you choose to spend it with.

The Rat Race The Rat Race
Too many people push you to work your whole life to succeed. But this is a choice you need to make for yourself, but often never do. Choose your own path and values.

Finances in Life Finances in Life
We talk about the factors that give you money in life – choosing a job – saving –  spending.

Real Estate Buy vs Sell Checklist Real Estate Checklist for Buy/Sell
If you’re buying or selling a property, have a checklist to assess the property. Rely on the answers that you have worked out, not just on what other people seek to tell you to manipulate you.

Getting Tax Refunds Getting Tax Refunds
We give you a simple plan that will help you to maximise your tax deductions throughout your life.

A Good Decision A Good Decision
We emphasise lateral thinking by having a checklist of questions that can be used to assess any situation. The more factors you consider, the more likely that the decision you make is better in different aspects of that same decision.

Personality Personality
We help you to understand the people you know and work with and how their personalities affect your interactions. The enneagram is a major tool for understanding personality.



Difficulties in Life Difficulties in Life
We talk about working with officialdom, dealing with psychopaths, driving safely, and considering making sensible choices as well as What doctors won’t tell you, a discussion of aging and health and how to judge good people/bad people.

How Officialdom Works How Officialdom Works
Discusses how bureaucratic government organisations work and interact with people and how to work around them.

Dealing with Psychopaths Dealing with Psychopaths
Discusses the enneagram and Paill Spectrum as major factors in causing bad behaviour. There are genetic factors as well as environmental factors causing problem people to exist.

Staying Awake While Driving Staying Awake While Driving
Looks at some simple mechanisms for staying awake and staying safe while driving.

The Value In Choices The Value In Choices
We emphasise lateral thinking by having a checklist of questions that can be used to assess any situation. The more factors you consider, the more likely that the decision you make is better in different aspects of that same decision.

Religion Religion
We discuss the moral systems underpinning religions and their impact on your life. In Western society, increasing numbers of people are becoming disenchanted with religious institutions.

What Doctors Won't Tell You What Doctors Won't Tell You

Looks at the factors that determine what doctors are able to say or not to say to you when you consult with them.

Bad People and Bad friends Bad People and Bad Friends

Looks at how society defines bad people. We can choose our friends using a relationship tool – Are they nice you?, Are they an asset to you?, Do you like the life they give you?.

Aging and Health Aging and Health 1
Looks at the effect of Aging on many different health factors, including eyes, ears. Discusses the issue of the effect of Paill Spectrum on longevity.

Aging and Health Aging and Health 2
Under Construction
Under Construction

Aging and Health Aging and Health 3
Under Construction
Under Construction

Aging and Health Aging and Health 4
Under Construction
Under Construction




General General
Covers a range of odd issues such as actions to be taking in a close encounter, managing drug problems, using safety equipment, some rule of thumb numbers relevant to general life, working with contracts in law throughout life, and aches and pains.

EBE Contact EBE Contact
A protocol for first contact and for dealing with problems likely to occur in this scenario. We talk about dangers you may face and some protections.

Drugs Drugs
How to deal with a significant other with a drug problem. Some practical advice.

Safety Equipment Safety Equipment
Discusses safety equipment and in particular your brain as your most important piece of safety equipment. We give you a checklist for assessing the situation and to keep you safe.

Useful Numbers and Rules of Thumb Useful Numbers and Rules of Thumb
We discuss some rules of thumb as shortcuts for dealing with many different life situations.

Contracts in Life Contracts in Life
We discuss legal contracts, where you are likely to encounter these in your life and how to deal with them successfully. Simple practical advice.

General General
We discuss a range of things that just don’t fit anywhere else.

General Tendon Muscle Pains
Discusses chronic muscle pains and tendon pains, their causes notably Paill Spectrum and their treatments. Mentions fibromyalgia, tennis and golfer’s elbows, chronic fatigue and joint pain.





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If you want a cure that is.
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Now we have a theory of a new causes and a cure likely as well.
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Kids failing at school. The answer is not just teaching harder. Dyslexia, Poor memory, slow development are part of the Paill Spectrum disorder.
New Treatments are possible. It now becomes an act of unforgivable stupidity to leave a child untreated- a child doomed to face darkness forever.
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We showcase Interests vs Enabling as a basis for your decisions.
You may save a life, if you know how
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It began with scientists linking two matter strings on the other side of the Brane : the world around us that we cannot see or feel directly.
Humanity followed into the world that cannot be seen on the other side of the Brane, by choice.
What remains. A few isolated humans tasked with rebuilding a planet Earth tortured by years of human occupation.
Human masters of awesome power, technologies and knowledge.
The last humans cleanse planet Earth of the evidence of humanity, preparing the planet for new sentients, new sapients.

These are the stories about humanity transcendent: and the post human world- told through the eyes of a young 11 year old girl- Marissa.
Planet earth can be a dangerous and lonely place.  .
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Stand up to the bullies who want to tell you how to think.
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And we have been paid to promote:
Work Together to Defeat Government and Bureaucracy.
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How to Limit Doctors' Consultation times - for doctors, (in Australia).
The Ten Minute Dream.
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Humanity is destined to become an aggressively spacefaring race or to face extinction.
Learning to generate Gravity is the basis for the dreams of the spacefaring Diaspora.
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Learn the truth about Aliens on this earth.
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Learn more about the Paill Spectrum family of diseases.
Live long and Prosper!
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A Summary of the Erasmus and Kinkajou (EnK) sites.
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